Sunday, May 2, 2010

Five Cows =)

May 1, 2010
Before we watched Iron Man 2, we decided to have dinner at Five Cows Resto & Ice Cream Bar in Trinoma Mall, as suggested by our good friend Martin. As we got there, the place looks like a barn, wooden chairs and tables were unequally painted white. It was cozy.. and I saw almost everyone was eating  ice cream and cakes. So when the waiter handed us the menu, I first browsed the dessert section out of curiosity, and when I saw the list I thought.. yeah.. no wonder!

We had:

 Five Cow's Asian salad: greens, tuna, kani, nori, apples, orange in wasabi first Noah was hesitant because of the "wasabi" dressing, but when he saw the menu symbol for house specialty on it.. it made him go for it!

Gamberetti: spaghetti in olive oil, with pesto, shrimps, sun-dried tomatoes, white wine and parmesan cheese.
I'm a fan of sun-dried tomatoes! Taste is normal though, nothing special.

Chicken Marsala: My favorite! Grilled chicken, oyster, mushrooms, sweet marsala sauce, buttered veggies, and basil-butter rice. Thumbs up!

And down for the dessert:

After Eight: So so so liked it! layers of double chocolate chip ice cream and mint ice cream covered with chocolate cake!! wheew!

Tiramisu Cup: chocolate chip ice cream, cheesecake ice cream, mocha ice cream, whipped cream topped with espresso biscuit! Something uncommon though taste of cream is very evident, I think I won't finish a cup of this.

Will definitely go back here to try other entrees and dessert!