Thursday, August 26, 2010


We usually pass by here either in Libis or in Timog, but we have not intended to try it until one of my colleagues said they have the best congee! And so we headed at their Libis branch. I'm not a congee fan, but out of curiosity, I tried their lean meat congee with century egg- which I have not tried as well, I just decided  to go and eat something different. And I must say, I loved it! I told Noah that we should go back there for more congee! Pictures below was our second causeway experience in Timog.

Lean Meat Congee

Pork Siomai

dimsum cart =)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mt. Pinatubo trekking!!

July 24, 2010

This activity was long planned by my me and my colleagues, finally we have set the date, but still were praying that it won't rain even on just that day since it's already a rainy season. Our meeting time in greenhills was 430am, and dang Noah and I woke up past 4am, so we had to prepare the fastest! We arrived at our meeting place to pick them up a quarter after 5. We had to be in Capas, Tarlac at 6:30am, that was our meeting time with our tour guide from Pinaykeypoint. While on the road, the sun had risen but it was quite foggy, we planned on taking SCTEX for shortcut (It was my first time to pass through that road), after a few minutes, voila!.. A signage of Concepcion Tarlac greeted us. =)

We arrived just on time at Capas, we were greeted by Marilyn and Robin. Robin discussed the summary of our trip and Marilyn was our guide throughout the trek. We first went to the start point to register and transfer to a 4x4 jeep. It was bumpy- lahar-ish ride with inclined mountain road trail (adventure it is!) which took us approximately 1 hour or so until we reached the jump-off point. From there we started the trek, we went up and down the mountain of  lahar (it's not good to walk along the edges at some areas since it's not a hard soil so it has a tendency to break-up), crossed the stream and and even with snake (marilyn said that was the common area with snakes, so she always check first before they pass by) for almost 1.5 hours.

Few steps before we reached the crater.. lo and behold... the beauty of nature welcomed us.

It was heavenly.

Our trek was really tiring that my heartbeat was about to explode, it was like doing cardio for 5 hours! But as I saw the majestic crater, it was all worth it, the hours of bumpy ride and trekking paid off!

Marilyn built  the tent near the crater. We had an early lunch and decided to go for crater boating which will take us on the other side of the crater. While in the boat, it gave me goosebumps that we are actually in the crater of a volcano! As we approached the other side, I can see the light smoke coming out from the sand. Noah and Ryan decided to go for a swim, they said that water temperature was weird, there was a part that the water is cold then when you move even for a little bit it gets hot. It was past 1pm and we decided to go back to our tent, fix ourselves and get ready for another trekking and ride adventure going back. Before we returned to our tent, the boatman took a stop on the other part of the crater and showed us the bubbling water, first  I thought it was because of the boiling effect but when I touched the water it was cold.. amazing!

After trekking back to the jump off point, and headed to the jeep, it rained. We saw some water falls as the effect of the rain. We passed  by 2 aeta walking with a gun as they are going hunting according to Marilyn, we also saw 2 men riding their horses and some children playing. As we arrived in the dispatching site, we then took a shower and had an early dinner which was also included in pinaykeypoint's service. Then we headed back to Manila at around 6pm. It was a memorable trip, and made me realize that I want more of it! =)

Marilyn took our pictures during the activity as part of their documentation service:
Pictures from Pinaykeypoint

Photos below taken from our cam:

 On our way to Tarlac at SCTEX

@ the dispatching point with our 4x4 ride

my colleagues Ryan and Mardie

laharish ride =)

splashing water! woohoo!!

Stop-over and picture taking with our guide Marilyn

bumpy road.. i salute 4x4 jeepneys.. now I know they were built to last!

The jump off site.. start of trekking

me and Naoh-->bender-breakers!

My shoes.. slowly disassembling :S

Alas! We conquered Mt. Pinatubo!

The Majestic crater

Off to the other side of the crater

View from the other side

Returned to the dispatching site
Chow time!

I promised myself that I'm going back to Mt. Pinatubo before the year ends. =)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Flying Pig

After watching movie with Noah and Paul, we had a late light dinner at The Flying Pig in Eastwood Mall to suffice our curiosity! As we entered the place, it gave a homey aura.. the staff were nice and welcomed us warmly. The interior has different posters/ pictures of unique pigs, lighting was bright which illuminates the red chairs.

We ordered Queen sampler which consists of baby back ribs, spare ribs, smoked bbq chicken, smoked sausages, with rice and super delectable mashed potato for just 895.00!! Serving is good 3. =)

JT's Manukan

After our Sunday service, we were thinking of where to dine.. something Filipino =) And so we thought of JT's Manukan along Otigas Ave. extension. Their specialty is Ilonggo dish, and the ever famous chicken inasal. There are a lot of chicken inasal restos here in the metro but among all that I have tried, JT's serves the biggest chicken.
It has been a year or so since I last dined in their QC branch. It's my first time to try in Ortigas. It was a Sunday night and the place was packed, there were few tables available. We stayed outside and good thing it did not rain considering that morning was continuously drizzling. The interior wall of the place has some posters of Joel Torre's movies, and a big canvass of last supper (i guess)- their own version!

We had pecho, adobong kangkong Ilonggo style, and beef soup (?)  =)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mile Hi Diner: A Rockin' Good Way To Dine

July 17, 2010

After watching Streetdance at Eastwood, we were strolling and looking for somewhere to eat until we passed by Mile Hi Diner, a retro-inspired restaurant serving American food, but offers all day Filipino Breakfast.

The place is attractive, there were wall paintings of the good 'ol American days on the first floor. As we went upstairs, it is way different - more of a bar style,  different lights illuminating the bar area, with flat screen tv mounted on the side. There was even a small bell that you can ring but I don't know it's purpose (tee hee).

For the food I had Burger steak, originally the side dish should be mashed potato but as I got my food and saw rice, i asked why it wasn't mashed potato then they said that it's not available anymore, which I thought they should have told me before they made it. Mark down for this. My food was so-so.

Noah had Beef  Tapa, similar to that of Tapsilog =) I liked it better though.