Friday, June 18, 2010

Boracay 2010!

Summer Season Ender: Boracay!
The last time I went here was a couple of years ago. We frequently go here during the month of December and this was my first time to visit the place on a summer because I'm avoiding the seaweeds during this season! To compare, Boracay is better on December's because the water is cleaner and clearer.
It saddens me that the island was not as clean as before the last time I was here. There were some cracker and candy wrappers and chips' foil along the shore and in the beach as well =( . Well I hope that cleanliness will be maintained in one of our best known beaches in the country.

Our flight bound to Kalibo was at 4:35 pm.. so we'll be in the island before 8pm =)

After having dinner, had a fire dance picture!

Lunch at Astoria

Headed to the reef walking area

Reef walking is fun!!!!

Beach time!

Can't get over with fire dance!

Booze and Sisha at Club Paraw

I want to try kite boarding!

Enjoying the beach!

Banana Choco Peanut butter shake at Ariel's Point!  Jonah's moved at the main road already =( 

Morning coffee at Starbucks =)

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