Friday, June 18, 2010


Noah and two of my colleagues had dinner at Momo at the ground level of Eastwood mall after work. We had a hefty meal I must say. Their reasonably priced serving is already good for two. But the four of us had a feast!

While waiting for our meals, they gave us garlic bread with spread (but I forgot what they call it!).

For starters, we had Nachos with vegetable sticks and dip

Then for the salad we had the The MOMO! Gourmet
(roasted garlic shiitake mushrooms, candied walnuts, fresh white cheese, raspberry-balsamic vinaigrette, mixed greens, sliced oranges, and hard-boiled egg)

For the main dish...
Sweet and Smoky Hickory BBQ Rib-lets
(fork tender and off the bone, with mashed potatoes, topped with onion rings, and corn)

Pan Roasted Shiitake Muchroom Crusted Norweigan Salmon
(sweet teriyaki orange glaze & spinach cream risotto)

Raspberry and Dalandan Frozen Iced tea!

Love it here!

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