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Archived destination '09: BOHOL =)

Our Bohol-Cebu Trip (part 1 of 2)

It was of Aug 2009, when Noah and I first set foot in the land of Bohol. It was considered as our "post wedding vacation" since we haven't gotten the chance to have a honeymoon after our civil wedding due to our hectic schedule.

We were met by Mang Fred in the airport late afternoon and off we went to our city hotel (I forgot the name :/ ) which he made a reservation for us as a favor =)

The next day, he picked us up at around 8am for the city tour. Part of of the itineraries were:

1. Hinagdanganan cave - inside the cave were some painted images which was made for a movie years back. During our visit there was no electricity so candles were placed along the pathway.

2. Blood Compact Site - narrative figures of the blood compact of Legazpi and Sikatuna.

3. Baclayon Church - one of the oldest church buildings in the country. You will not be allowed to enter if you're wearing sleeveless/ revealing clothes, they provide you with a scarf to put on before you enter the church. Inside was really old, there were even some tombs. What amused me was the big wooden door. I can imagine their ways before..

4. Phyton visit - eeeee.. creepy..

5. Tarsiers! - so tiny yet smart!

6. Loboc River Lunch Cruise - lunch buffet while cruising the river. You'll see a group of performers alongside the river, the "boat" will dock for about 15 minutes or so and you can join the performers, Noah and I had the chance to do that.. it was fun!

7. Hanging Bridge - at the end of the bridge you'll meet the famous "Buko King" =), you can even request to showcase his talent for 100.00. He was a funny man! =)

8. Man-Made Forest =)

9. Chocolate Hills - Bohol's most famous for. It's tiring going up to see the whole view of the hills, Noah and I need to stop for a while to catch some breath (sign of aging?!), but as we got there, it paid off! The view was spectacular!

10. Butterfly Garden - I  love!

11. Bohol Bee Farm - We arrived there past 5pm so the garden was already closed, we just tried organic ice cream instead, mine was malunggay flavor! The cone of the ice cream is different from the usual, I just forgot what's it made of. We also bought some organic spread and muffins.. I looove their muffins! They said that all their food are made from organic ingredients.

12. Panglao Island - Our final destination. We checked in at Alona Tropical Beach Resort in Alona Beach. The resort was nice, they have a swimming pool, and a beachfront restaurant. We stayed in their deluxe room. It was spacious and clean. That's what we we're basically looking for so we were happy about it, plus their staff were all friendly. Upon checking in, one of their staff accompanied us to their restaurant for the welcome drink. Then we strolled along Alona beach to check the whole place and find a place for dinner.

The next day we just basked in the sun and the enjoyed the serene beach! Crystal clear water and fine white sand, it was our haven.

Then we  took a tour throughout the resort before checking out to head to ur next destination... Cebu! =)

Stretch of Alona beach and Alona Tropical Beach Resort pictures:

This dog was consistently following us whenever he sees us.. sweet =)

If you want to relax, unwind, and bond with your loved ones in a serene place, and skip the beach party for a while, Panglao island is the best destination.

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