Monday, April 12, 2010

Light of Love

We we're invited by Ana of Light of Love Events place for a food tasting by Hizon's Catering. Noah and I went there at around 3 pm, expecting a lesser crowd since it's past lunch time. But upon arriving, it's still packed. We were accommodated by Ana of Hizon's, she introduced us their different food and food stations (and at the same time getting some to feast with our appetite!) which is part of their catering service.

After eating we had a little tour of the whole place and took some pictures. Light of Love has 6 different venues to choose from depending on your event. My 2 favorites were Cherish and Atrium. The place is easy to locate, during our first visit we didn't have a hard time getting there except for one wherein i forgot the street number which I thought was 116 instead of 1163!

Here are some pictures from the food tasting.

The dessert bar... almost empty =)

Pasta bar

Dark and White Chocolate Fountain.. almost empty also =)

Sumptuous dessert!

The venue @ Trust

Then off to see some other venues of Light of Love!

Atrium  =)
I think it would be more beautiful to have an evening event in this place, especially during late afternoon till evening as you can see the clear sky in their glass ceiling. 

Integrity =)

Cherish =)

Garden =)
pathway to garden

Loyalty =)


Lagoon =)

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