Monday, April 19, 2010

Archived destination '09: CEBU =)

Our Bohol-Cebu vacation! (part 2 of 2)

Off we went to our second destination... Cebu! From the port of Tagbilaran, we rode Ocean Jet ferry going to Cebu, Our schedule was around 530 pm, travel time was 1 hour and 40 mins so we arrived in Cebu early evening. On our way out from the terminal, there were some cabs waiting for passengers just like here in Manila. Be sure not to let them take advantage of your being-a-newbie in the place or else they might charge you with a higher fare. One man asked us where we will be staying so we said that we're staying at Crown Regency Suites then he charged us 300.00, which I think was very pricey, we haggled for a while until he agreed to use his taxi meter. When we arrived in the place it cost us around 180.00 (quite a big difference huh?).

As we checked  in the hotel and arrived in the suite, I was happy to see it! It was big and the kitchen was nice. So overall, we liked it =). Our tummies were already grumbling so we decided to have dinner in their Fifties Cafe, inside it was 50's style (as the name tells it) stuffs, and a live band. We didn't stay that long since we were tired and will be getting ready for the next day.

Our itinerary for our 4th day... BEACH DAY! So we went to the port where we can hire an outrigger boat for island hopping.. initially we thoght that we could hire just a small outrigger but hola!.. all available were 20-30 seater boats, and we were only 2! So we haggled.. again for the price, originally they were giving it for 4,500 but went down to 3000, happy! 3 staff and a captain accompanied us. 1st stop was at Gilutongan Marine Sanctuary, snorkeled there for an hour, we found different types and sizes of fish and sea creatures! It was amazing!

Then off to our next stop, at Pandanon island, a private islet which has a long sand bar. I love it! There were many different types of starfish =)

At around 4 PM we headed back to he port then to the hotel. We had our buffet dinner at Port in Waterfront Hotel (we met Ricky there since had a function in Cebu that time) , then went to Loft for a couple of drinks.

On our 5th day, we hired a cab for a city tour within Cebu, so first we went to Crown Regency Hotel to experience their famous Edge Coaster and Skywalk.. Between the two, I liked the edge coaster better!

After, we then went to the historical Fort San Pedro.

Followed by a short tour at Taoist Temple.

Next was at Tops - overlooking the whole view of the city, it was breathtaking.

And last stop was at the market for their famous danggit! =)

Later, our resident friends Miggy and Kenneth picked us up in the hotel to have dinner at Tinder box. I love the food and the wine! And my favorite.. the choco fondue =).

So many wines to choose from their cellar.

 After dinner we went to a place similar to Tops (I forgot the name :/ )and had more chats while overlooking the city.

We went back to the hotel at around 1 am, packed our things and slept for a couple of hours since we'll be boarding the first flight back to Manila.

Still  sleepy...... waiting for Noah at the lobby while checking out..

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